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Install a new or replace your electric water heater

and receive a $250 credit on your electric bill.


Lewis County REC members are now eligible to receive a $250 credit on their electric bill for each new .90 efficiency rating or greater, 40 gallon or larger electric water heater.  Lewis County REC will rebate up to two (2) water heaters per structure.

 If you have been thinking about replacing your old gas or electric water heater that has been giving you fits or just wanting to update to a new more efficient model, now is the time to do it. 

The member must fill out a rebate application form, provide a copy of the receipt for the water heater purchase, and sign a load control agreement provided by the Cooperative to receive the rebate.   

For more detailed information on this program and other programs offered by Lewis County REC, please contact our office during regular business hours at 573-215-4000 or download an application form on our website at: lewiscountyrec.coop 








DOXO.com is a website and mobile app that processes utility payments. DOXO.com is not affiliated with or recommended by Lewis County Rural  Electric Cooperative. DOXO payments are not real time payments, they will take three to four days to post to your account. There are also associated fees that will subtract from the payment amount you make. Lewis County Electric Cooperative only endorses payments via phone or via our website at lewiscountyrec.coop or through our mobile app. Contrary to the FAQ's on the DOXO.com website we do have a mobile app.

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